Coronavirus update: Scottish Ballet is prioritising the health and wellbeing of the company at this challenging time for all of us. Please click here for the latest update on performances and other activities.

Updated Monday 18 May 2020 to include the expansion of DfPS digital classes.

In times such as these, it is even more important than usual to extend a hand to the community around us and find ways to share experiences and spark joy.

In a regular week at Scottish Ballet, our Dance Health department run several classes for people living with Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and dementia, as well as Regenerate classes for people aged over 60 to exercise body and mind, and build strength, technique and creative movement. These programmes have grown since 2012 to form the backbone of many people’s exercise regimens and social calendars, which is why we are committed to offering a digital version during these challenging times of self-isolation.

The communities Scottish Ballet work with, who support us, engage with us, and dance with us are like family.

From Monday to Friday, we’re inviting everyone to join us on Facebook Live to dance together! Each day’s class will be tailored to the specific needs of its respective community group, but everyone is welcome to join in with any class. Don’t worry if you can’t make the live stream, all of our classes will be available on Facebook to catch-up.

SB Health classes will be streamed live at 11.30am British Summer Time (BST) on each day:

  • Mondays – Dance for Parkinson’s Scotland
  • Tuesdays – Elevate (dance for Multiple Sclerosis)
  • Wednesdays – Time to Dance (dementia)
  • Thursdays – Regenerate (60+). A dance class for people over 60 to exercise body and mind, and build strength, technique and a creative movement.
  • Fridays – Family Barre for parents and children, led by SB Principal Bethany Kingsley-Garner. A dance class for parents and children to move together and benefit from creativity and imagination.

Classes running Monday to Thursday will begin seated, and Friday’s Family Barre classes will be mostly standing. So, get out your dancing shoes and join us for a jam!

In partnership with Dance Base, a Dance for Parkinson's Scotland community Facebook group has been established, with digital classes running at 11.30am Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Click below to read more and join the page.


To make the most of our SB Health digital classes, you will need:

A sturdy chair. A kitchen chair or similar, ideally with no arm rest. Arm-chairs and sofas are too low and soft

Enough room around you to reach out to the side without hitting anything. Make sure there are no trip hazards on the floor around you too.

Drinking water

Wear something cool and comfortable that you can move in. Ideally the class is done in bare feet, so no shoes or socks

While joining our live streams, please ensure you only do what feels comfortable and safe for your body.

‘At Scottish Ballet, dance is our primary connector to each other and our communities. More than ever, we need to make sure people stay connected to their support networks and our SB Health participants are an extension of the Scottish Ballet family. Streaming our dance health classes online supports all those that normally engage with us – but please share the joy of the SB Health classes with those who might not have ever experienced them. We welcome everyone!’

Christopher Hampson – Scottish Ballet CEO/Artistic Director

Dance for Parkinson’s Scotland is delivered in partnership with Dance Base.

SB Health is supported and funded by: Baillie Gifford (Scottish Ballet Dance Health partner), The Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Life Changes Trust, R S Macdonald Charitable Trust, The Rayne Foundation, Elizabeth Frankland Moore & Star Foundation, The Robertson Trust, Pam & Norman Murray, Ed & Jean Murray, Jane Britten, Fiona Chalmers, and one anonymous patron.

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