Earlier this year we were delighted to bring aboard new sponsors Corney & Barrow Wine Merchants. It is fair to say they know a thing or two about wine…with over 250 years of expertise.

There are striking similarities between Scottish Ballet and Corney & Barrow, with a shared passion for excellence and the finer things in life.

Corney & Barrow believe that ‘Life Rewards the Curious’ and although ballet may not be the first pairing to come to mind with wine, the dedication, art and science involved in the creation of both provided parallels worth exploration.

We will be sharing more details of our partnership over the coming months but guests at our donor and supporter events have enjoyed a specially curated selection of Corney & Barrow wines, chosen to reflect the stories and ideas on stage. This collaboration builds on Corney & Barrow’s existing links with the Arts and our shared appreciation of the commitment required to excel in either industry.

Discover more - visit www.corneyandbarrow.com

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