9 of 50

2019 is our 50th anniversary and we are championing some of the people who help make Scottish Ballet a great place to work. Each week we will introduce you to a different career at Scottish Ballet and the person behind it. 

Carole Ann is Operations Officer, and the first face many people see when they come to visit us at our Tramway home. 

I started working at Tramway about 6 years ago as a supervisor for the company who provide Scottish Ballet's cleaning services. Around 2 and a half years ago I noticed that Scottish Ballet needed someone to help with locking up. Seeing as I opened the building every day, I offered to help! First on a freelance basis, and around 18 months ago I was made a permanent Operations Officer. 

On a day-to-day basis I am responsible for opening and closing the building each morning and night. I sign everyone in for the evening classes, I look after the general security, and act as a fire warden if necessary.

What is your favourite thing about working at Scottish Ballet?

I just absolutely love the building! It never shuts down, we're always here. Even when the dancers are away on tour, there's always someone here making sure the building keeps running. 

My role is also completely public facing, I get to greet the people who come in each day. I love seeing the reaction of the public as they discover everything that goes on behind the scenes here, that it's not just dancers!

I particularly like the beginning of the new class terms and seeing all the new faces. The public come in with preconceived ideas of what a company is, and we get to show them it's so much more than that.  

Since working here I have also discovered a love of ballet! I completed 3 terms of the Absolute Beginners adult ballet classes so I always get jealous when I see the new students coming in for their first class. 

What's your 'get up and go' song?