Principal Bethany Kingsley-Garner talks about the importance of health and nutrition as a dancer and the role dairy plays in her diet.

The run up to a long season needs a lot of preparation both and mentally and physically. My preparation starts around five weeks before production week, this about the same time rehearsals get longer (and harder), which means more brain power is needed to remember all the steps!

I start by looking at my training regime and how I can best fuel it for the season. There's always one thing that makes in onto my list and that's a smoothie using Graham's Family Dairy Protein 22. I discovered Protein 22 through nutritional packs provided to us by Graham's Family Dairy. Almost like yoghurt, but packed full of protein, this product helps ensure I am getting enough protein and feeding my muscles the nutrients they need for recovery after a full day of dancing. I always mix my smoothie with milk, banana and berries. It only takes me a few minutes in the morning, next to nothing out of my day.

When running from studio to studio, I need something quick that rehydrates and refuels. After a discussion with a nutritionist about the benefits of dairy for athletes, I've added milk to my snacks list. Along with my daily water intake, this helps keep me hydrated for longer. Did you know milk contains four electrolytes which are lost through sweat? Sometimes I also drink milk after a performance so it can get to work on aiding my recovery while I sleep.

Maintaining a fit and healthy body is so important for everyone, not just dancers, and it's certainly easier when it tastes good!