Artist Matthew Broadbent talks about the importance of health and nutrition as a dancer and the role milk plays in his diet.

We are just back from a long tour of Hansel and Gretel and we are now busy working on two different ballets and a triple bill to tour to USA with. At this point in the season, with so much more work still to do, health and hydration is a very big consideration for us all.

After a hard day at work, when I return home the first thing I do is reach for a large glass of milk. I've done this for years and I find that there is nothing I enjoy more and nothing that hydrates me quicker. I drink a lot of milk each day and the natural blend of water, sugar and electrolytes is an excellent combination to help aid recovery. I really think that has helped my body cope and recover from the rigours I put it through and has kept me largely injury free over my whole career.

Obviously I'm very particular about what I drink. You really can tell (and taste) the quality and I want something local to Scotland. That's why I'm so happy Graham's The Family Dairy is Scottish Ballets health partner. One of my favourites is their award-winning Gold Top range, which is made by Jersey cows, and packed with more calcium, vitamins and protein than other milks, which are really important for helping me stay focused and protecting my bones. For me, Graham’s The Family Dairy’s partnership with Scottish Ballet really makes sense as milk has literally helped me keep dancing!


Matthew Broadbent

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Encore for Graham’s The Family Dairy as they announce second year of sponsorship

Graham’s The Family Dairy today announce their official health sponsorship for the second year running. The dairy reprises its role in the wake of a successful year-long partnership – the first of its kind for Scottish Ballet – working in unison with the Company to promote the benefits of dairy for a healthy, active lifestyle.

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