The Nutcracker cast A


Marie - Sophie Martin

Prince - Adam Blyde

Drosselmyer - Tama Barry

Governess / Mouserink - Diana Loosmore

Frau Stahlbaum - Nathalie Dupouy

Dr Stahlbaum - Owen Thorne

Louise - Bethany Kingsley-Garner

Fritz - Luke Ahmet

Grandfather - Victor Zarallo

Maids - Laura Kinross and Sonoya Mizuno


Ladies - Laura Joffre and Brenda Lee Grech
Men - Lewis Landini and Teun van Roosmalen
Girls - Constance Devernay and Sophie Allnatt
Boys - Kyle Miller, Guillaume Lillo and Rimbaud Patron

Two Mice - Nicole Craddock and Katie Webb

Nutcracker - Remi Andreoni

Mice - Sophie Allnatt, Nicole Craddock, Heather Dunn, Suzy Halstead, Megan Wood and Katie Webb

Mouse King - Owen Thorne

General - Victor Zarallo

Soldiers - Guillaume Lillo, Kyle Miller and Rimbaud Patron

Fritz - Luke Ahmet

Hussars - Lewis Landini, Jamiel Laurence and Andrew Peasgood

Bad Snowflakes - Amy Hadley and Sophie Laplane

Snowflakes – Sophie Allnatt, Constance Devernay, Heather Dunn, Brenda Lee Grech, Marge Hendrick, Laura Joffre, Laura Kinross, Sonoya Mizuno, Lucianna Ravizzi and Megan Wood

Princess Pirlipat - Katie Webb

Spanish - Bethany Kingsey-Garner and Luke Ahmet
Arabian - Nathalie Dupouy, Tama  Barry, Lewis Landini and Teun Van Roosmalen
Chinese - Victor Zarallo, Kyle Miller, Guillaume Lillo and Rimbaud  Patron
Russian - Laura Joffre, Brenda Lee Grech and Owen Thorne
French  - Diana  Loosmore, Megan Wood, Sonoya Mizuno, Suzy Halstead and Marge Hendrick

Waltz of the flowers

Rose – Lucianna Ravizzi
Courgette Flowers - Amy Hadley and Constance Devernay
Orchids - Christopher Harrison and Daniel Davidson
Poppies - Sophie Allnatt, Nicole Craddock, Heather Dunn and Laura Kinross

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