Tomomi Sato


tomomi-satoBorn in Nagoya, Japan, Tomomi trained at The Royal Conservatory, The Hague and was awarded the senior second prize at the 4th International Ballet Competition, Luxembourg and junior first prize at the Kobe Ballet Competition, Japan in 1995. She joined the Royal Flanders Ballet, Antwerp in 1995. From 1998 to 2000 she was based in Bordeaux, guest performing in France, Cuba, Mexico and Colombia.

She performed major classical ballet variations and grand pas de deux from Coppélia, The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Don Quixote, The Sleeping Beauty and many others. Contemporary work includes No More Play from Jiri Kylian.

Since joining Scottish Ballet in 2000, Tomomi has danced in Page’s Cheating, Lying, Stealing (first lead female), The Nutcracker (Marie), Cinderella (Cinderella, Spring), Soft Underbelly, Nightswimming into day, Walking In The Heat, The Pump Room, Fearful Symmetries and The Sleeping Beauty (Aurora, Song Fairy and Lady Bluebird), Pennies From Heaven and Alice (Alice, White Rabbit), Cohan’s Aladdin (The Princess), North’s Death and The Maiden (The Maiden) and The Snowman (Music Box Ballerina), Ashton’s The Two Pigeons (The Young Girl), Façade and Scènes de Ballet (Lead female), Pastor's In Light And Shadow and Romeo and Juliet (Juliet and Juliet’s Friend), van Manen’s Two Pieces For Het, Forsythe’s Artifact Suite and Workwithinwork, Balanchine’s The Four Temperaments, Rubies (lead couple) and Episodes, Ian Spink's Petrushka, Val Caniparoli's Still Life, Kenneth MacMillan's Song of the Earth (Lead Woman), Jorma Elo's Kings 2 Ends and Martin Lawrance’s Run For It.

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Tomomi Sato





MacMillan’s Song of the Earth

.Hampstead and Highgate Express, 10 November 2011 –  The young dancers of the company performed each exiguous section with great commitment and intensity, Victor Zarallo most notable as the Messenger of Death, together with soloists Christopher Harrison, Tomomi Sato, Eva Lombardo, Luciana Ravizzi and Daniel Davidson.


US TOUR 2011

MacMillan’s Song of the Earth

.seenandheardinternational.com, 7 November 2011 - The most outstanding dancer was Tomomi Sato in the second and last songs that you remember most; she has a typically small physique and seems born to dance. Steps of whatever complexity come effortlessly to her and her fragile perfection and lack of artifice was very moving when she was left alone.


ALICE 2011

.Daily Telegraph, 14 April 2011 – Take special bows Martina Forioso’s Queen of Hearts, Tomomi Sato’s White Rabbit and Amy Hadley’s Dormouse.

.News of the World, 17 April 2011 – Tomomi Sato plays with White Rabbit with hyperactive intensity, whirling across the stage at breakneck speed.

.Press and Journal, 29 April 2011 – Tomomi Sato as Alice is charming.

.Inverness Courier, 03 May 2011 – Tomomi Sato is an ideal physical model for Alice. Her duets with Adam Blyde in the role of Charles Dodgson/Lewis Carroll were beautifully lyrical.

.Highland News, 05 May 2011 – Triumphs included the Mad Hatter’s tea party and Tomomi Sato’s feisty Alice.

.South Wales Echo, 06 May 2011 – Sophie Martin deserves particular praise as Alice, although the cast, including Quenby Hersh as the Cheshire Cat, Tomomi Sato as the White Rabbit, Erik Cavallari as Charles and Adam Blyde as the Caterpillar all became their characters.



.Sunday Herald, 19 December 2010 – Cinderella is danced exquisitely throughout by Tomomi Sato.

.Daily Telegraph, 24 December 2010 – Dancing beautifully through, not least by Sato, who has a tremendous grasp of the piece’s clever mix of emotional light and dark.

.Edinburgh Spotlight, January 2011 – Tomomi Sato’s performances as Spring is a highlight, filled with all the energy and bursting vibrancy of the season she depicts.

.Culture NI, February 2011 – Sato brings a classic elegance to the role, as well as a dramatic charm and sensitivity, and her performance is enhanced by an equally stellar performance by Tama Barry as the Prince.



Frederick Ashton's Scènes de Ballet

.The Arts Desk - Scottish has a gem in Tomomi Sato, now, in spite of her tiny size, growing into a major classical ballerina. Last night she danced with a teasing exactness and bird-like lightness, her smile tinged with mischief and feminine allure.

Ashley Page's Fearful Symmetries

.The Daily Express - Most extraordinary is the remarkable Japanese principal Tomomi Sato, a diminutive, physically slight dancer whose astonishing shifts between delicacy and power capture the paradoxical essence of this wonderful evening of dance.

.The Stage - The choreography might be Olivier Award-winning, but it makes strong demands on its performers. Demands which, with Eric Cavallari in total control, Sophie Martin, Sato and Eve Mutso sensual and moving as his three loves, and the corps de ballet fully controlled by their preordained destinies, the company rise far above. 


.Press and Journal, 6 May 2010 – The pairing of Tama Barry’s dynamic Romeo and Tomomi Sato as a fairy-like, emotionally fragile Juliet is hugely compelling and one of the production’s many highlights.

.Abedeen Evening Express, 6 May 2010 – As the tale reaches its tragic end, both Barry and Sato dance heart-wrenching pieces.

.Moray Firth Radio - As for Tomomi Sato as Juliet, she was perfection. She portrayed all the mannerisms and the walk of the awkward gangly teenager, but the steely determination to be with the boy she loved was there for all to see. Her movement, especially her arms, spoke volumes.

.Inverurie Advertiser, 14 May 2010 – Juliet is played with delicate strength by Tomomi Sato, who is utterly convincing as she moves from naïve young girl to heartbroken young woman.

.InformedEdinburgh – Tomomi Sato as Juliet is spritely and stunning. She manages to convey the naivety and passion that makes the character believable, and is so technically talented that even the tiniest movement is full of expression and emotion. A flick of the head signifies her feeling of betrayal, her crouched body communicates her feelings of despair, and her arched back shows her surrendering herself completely to Romeo. 



.The Herald, 6 January 2010 – Tama Barry is a truly stalwart nutcracker Prince with the deliciously mercurial Tomomi Sato as his Marie. The tiny Tomo might seem in danger of being overwhelmed by the taller, sturdier Tama – in fact the disparity in size creates a lovely dynamic with Barry a consistently considerate, even tender partner.

.The Press and Journal, 22 January 2010 – Tomomi Sato dazzles throughout. Her movements were faultless.

.Inverness Courier, 29 January 2010 – Principal Tomomi Sato gave a flawless performance.


AUTUMN 2009 

Forsythe’s Workwithinwork

.The Sunday Times, 11 October 2009 – Paul Liburd and Tomomi Sato were especially admirable.

Pastor’s In Light and Shadow

.Dance Europe, November 2009Tomomi Sato, all grace and charm – one can appreciate to the full the beauty of this outstanding dancer.



.Edinburgh Evening News, 8 January 2009 – Whether it is tiny Tomomi Sato’s delicate footwork as the Blue Fairy, with an 18-strong progression of turns of such precision she still has room for half as many again, or Cavallari’s grand sweeps of passion, this is a production which just oozes class while entertaining on all the requisite levels.

.Dance Expression, February 2009 – The Bluebird accompanies the prince to rescue his own caged Lady Bluebird, roles in which Adam Blyde and Tomomi Sato sparkle.



.Sunday Express, 18th May 2008 - Juliet, the adorable Tomomi Sato…was so physically right as the young girl blissfully awakening to love, her interpretation was riveting… a hugely talented dancer. 



.Ellon Advertiser Series, 18th January - Her [Tomomi Sato] beautiful dancing dominates the stage.


CINDERELLA 2006/2007
.Edinburgh Evening News, 05 Jan 2007 – Tomomi Sato is a particularly stunning spring tulip


EIF 2006

Krzysztof Pastor’s In Light And Shadow
.Sunday Express, 27 Aug 2006 – The dancers, led by the brilliant Tomomi Sato


CINDERELLA 2005-2006

.Evening News, 5 January 2006 – In particular Tomomi Sato’s delicate Spring and Martina Forioso’s spiky, aggressive Autumn are a true delight.

.Stoke Sentinel Sunday, 9 March 2006 – Last night she was played by the Japanese ballerina Tomomi Sato, slight of build but with a powerful stage presence.

.BBC Stoke-on-Trent, 21 March 2006 - … and on the first night Tomomi Sato was the perfect Cinders – small, fragile and full of grace.


Van Manen’s Two Pieces for HET
.Inverness Courier, 5 October 2004 – Two Pieces for a HET, again incredibly well danced by the very gifted Tomomi Sato, as ever, an absolute delight to the eye, and Oliver Rydout, and he, though eye-catching in see-through leotard and thong, is much more than a mere foil to her skill and grace.


Page’s Soft Underbelly
.The Guardian, 2 April 2004- With a West Side Story sparkle, Soft Underbelly (1999) shines in the perky dancing of Tomomi Sato, Lilian Pommier and Adam Blyde.

.Sunday Express, 4 April 2004Tomomi Sato, with Lilian Pommier and Adam Blyde, is riveting in Soft Underbelly. With her infallible technique and a knowing air, she hints at all we ever dared dream of.

.Sunday Herald, 4 April 2004 – Immaculately danced by firecracker Tomomi Sato (on pointe), Lillian Pommier and Adam Blyde…

.Daily Telegraph, 5 April 2004 - … I was amazed by the delectable feminine command that tiny Tomomi Sato effortlessly exercised over two callow men. She has an extraordinary spontaneity in the way she moves. 

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