Sophie Laplane

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Sophie trained at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris winning the Prize of the CNSMDP Mention Bien. Prior to this, she trained at the Paris Opera Ballet School. She danced with Le Ballet de Lorraine from 2003 to 2004, appearing in Brumachon’s L’Héroïne, ou La Gloire Imprudente, Limon’s Missa Brévis, Armitage’s Rave and Prejlocaj’s La Stravaganza.

Between 2002 and 2003, Sophie was a member of The Junior Ballet Classique du Conservatoire de Paris and performed in Balanchine’s Agon, North’s Figures Courantes, Bombana’s Petite Suite en Noir and Fonte’s Everyday Incarnation.

Sophie joined Scottish Ballet in Winter 2004, and was promoted to Coryphée in July 2011.

The Nutcracker (Dame Mouserink, Bad Snowflake), Cinderella(Stepmother and Stepsister),Fearful Symmetries, The Sleeping Beauty (Carabosse, Red Riding Hood, Lucinda), Pennies From Heaven, Cheating, Lying, Stealing and Alice (Mock Turtle, Tweedledee)Ashley Page
The Four Temperaments Episodes, Agon and Rubies, George Balanchine
Façade, Frederick Ashton
Petrushka, Ian Spink
Ride the Beast, Stephen Petronio
For M.G.: The Movie, Trisha Brown
Artifact Suite, William Forsythe
Romeo and Juliet (Juliet’s Friend), Krzyzstof Paster
Carmen (Mercedes), Richard Alston
A Streetcar Named Desire (Stella), Nancy Meckler and Annabelle Lopez Ochoa
Highland Fling, Matthew Bourne
Shift, Christopher Bruce
The Fugue and The One Hundreds, Twyla Tharp
Run For It and Dark Full Ride, Martin Lawrance
Song of the Earth and Elite Syncopations, Kenneth MacMillan
Hansel & Gretel, Christopher Hampson

Why did you become a dancer?

My parents were looking for an activity to do outside of school; I tried to play piano but I was too hyperactive and couldn’t sit on a chair for that long! As I was dancing all the time at home they decided to take me to my first dance class, and that was it!


Sophie Laplane


Pennies from Heaven rehearsal broadcast featuring Sophie.




.Aberdeen Evening Express, 03 May 2012 - Blanche's sister Stella, played by Sophie Laplane, gave a gut-wrenching performance as the once-loving sibling who chooses to side with the father of her child instead of Blanche. Laplane's brilliantly disturbing reunion with brutal husband Stanley - just after her pregnant character has fled his drunken beating - combined an easily overlooked psychological strength with her exhausted emotional and physical strength.


.Inverness Courier, 01 February 2011 – The meaty roles of the nasty trio fell to Eve Mutso as the Stepmother and Kara McLaughlin and Sophie Laplane as the stepsisters. They tackled them with obvious relish, mugging in almost pantomime style at the audience and pulling off the deliberately gauche aspects of their choreography in fine style.


.Dance Expression, February 2009 – Highlights are definitely the delightfully snappy duet of Sophie Laplane’s Red Riding Hood and Paul Liburd’s Romanian Prince


.Observer, 16 December 2007 – Carabosse (Limor Ziv) and her two mutant daughters (Louisa Hassell and Sophie Laplane) steal the show. Ziv is a dead ringer for Amy Winehouse, hair included, and Hassell and Laplane evince a creepy sexiness.


Sophie Laplane is a keen choreographer, taking part in choreography workshops at Scottish Ballet and recently showcasing a piece of her own at Edinburgh International Festival as part of Dance Odysseys.

AGR 8084
Nicholas Shoesmith and Luciana Ravizzi in Sophie Laplane's Oxymore

"Company member Sophie Laplane reveals a sharp, sussed instinct for eye-catching movement in Oxymore - so cool, it's hot with Brenda Lee Grech and Daniel Davidson dancing to the same beat, but with their own individual groove." - The Herald, 2013

"If Darrell represented where Scottish Ballet started, then Sophie Laplane‘s duet, Oxymore, shows the cutting edge of a new generation within the company. Laplane is a Coryphee and, on the strength of a solo she did in the private Scottish Ballet choreographic workshops, Hampson encouraged and challenged her to do more with two dancers. The “Challenge” word came up a number of times in discussions with Hampson – choreographers being pushed outside the box with fresh, but constrained, challenges and not thinking one needed huge budgets and endless time to be creative. Oxymore is pure 21st century dance. Electronic, repetitive, catchy are the sounds and so is the dance – dance of 4AM Ibiza rather than ballet or contemporary movement – it makes Wayne McGregor feel so old hat! Brenda Lee Grech and Daniel Davidson delivered the slowly evolving repetition with deadpan hypnotic accuracy. A chic 6-minute piece and where Laplane goes from here should be interesting." Bruce Marriott, DanceTabs, September 2013


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