Nicholas Shoesmith

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Nicholas Shoesmith 5

Born in Cirencester, Nicholas trained at the Australian Ballet School. Nicholas' favourite roles to date include Sancho Panza in Don Quixote (Australian Ballet) and Puss in Boots in The Sleeping Beauty (Stanton Welsh). Nicholas joined Scottish Ballet in 2012.

Why did you become a dancer?

I started to take ballet classes after seeing Angel Corella perform as a guest in Trilogy with the Australian Ballet. He did a pirouette that accidentally finished to the back on balance, turned his head to the audience and raised an eyebrow at us. The crowd went crazy! Ever since then I've wanted to dance just like him, with that same connection with audiences.


Run For It, Lawrance
Highland Fling, Bourne
Foibles, McNally
Silhouette, Hampson
Five R
ückert Songs, Darrell
Cheri, Darrell
Oxymore, Laplane
Elite Syncopations, MacMillan
Hansel & Gretel, Hampson
Romeo & Juliet, Pastor



See Nicholas in our rehearsal webcast for Matthew Bourne's Highland Fling.




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