Marge Hendrick

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Marge joined Scottish Ballet in 2012. Born in France, Marge trained at the Conservatory National Supérieur of Paris and Junior Ballet classique CNSMDP and with Royal Ballet. Marge danced solos in La Cigarette and Paquita with the Conservatory in Paris.

Why did you become a dancer?

I actually started dancing at 5 years old as a weekend activity that my parents chose for me. Around 10 years old, my teacher sent me to some national competitions, and I knew dancing was not just a hobby anymore. I loved being on stage, the challenge of it and the reward at the end! It became more serious and I started a National school in Paris. I had a balance between school and dance classes in order to keep studying while I was practicing 15 hours per week. At this time, becoming a dancer was more a dream than a reality. I realised how hard it can be when I started to audition, but I definitely did not want to give up. I also realised, around 17 years old, how enjoyable dancing on stage is and how interesting working on different styles and interpretation is. This was the real time I knew I wanted to become a dancer.


The Nutcracker, Page
Run For It, Lawrance
Highland Fling, Bourne
The Rite of Spring, Hampson
Trace, Pickett
Elite Syncopations, MacMillan
Hansel & Gretel, Hampson







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