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Scottish Ballet's dancers are amongst the finest athletes in Scotland. The quality of the performance you see on stage is a testimony to the hard work and commitment of the dancers and the ballet team that supports them.

We are making a considerable investment in the health and fitness of all our dancers and are establishing an on-going commitment to dancer welfare. The Company puts significant effort into injury prevention by giving dancers the support, tools, facilities and skills they need to be in control of their own body conditioning.

Scottish Ballet has two trained Gyrotonic® instructors as well as all the necessary specialist equipment. The Gyrotonic® Expansion System produces toned lean and flexible muscles, simultaneously stretching and strengthening the dancer’s bodies. The introduction of this system has had a very positive effect, reducing both injury rates and recovery time.

Scottish Ballet also provides a multi-gym facility and a therapeutic massage programme developed specifically for the needs of the Company.  Our dancers further benefit from the most experienced and qualified sports specific physiotherapy available at The National Stadium Sports Medicine Centre at Hampden Park, where they can take advantage of an extensive range of health and fitness facilities, including a Technogym Rehabilitation Suite and Hydrotherapy Pool.


Gyrotonic® Expansion System: The Art of Exercising and Beyond

The Gyrotonic® Expansion System produces toned lean and flexible muscles. Joint mobility and the range of motion increases as the System simultaneously stretches and strengthens the body with minimal effort. With a better functioning neuromuscular musculoskeletal and cardiovascular system you will enhance your quality of life and your fitness.

Gyrotonic Instructor
Kathleen Menzies

Gyrotonic Instructor
Finlay Menzies

Massage Therapist
Fraser Johnstone

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