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Eve studied at the Tallinn Ballet School, Estonia, in 1999. She went on to join the Estonian National Ballet, dancing Olympia in Bigonzetti’s Coppélia, Helen in Cannito’s Cassandra and solo roles in Anna Karenina, Esmeralda, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Giselle.

Eve joined Scottish Ballet in 2003 and has danced in Page’s Cheating, Lying, Stealing (second lead role), The Nutcracker (Frau Stahlbaum, Lead waltz girl), Acrid Avid Jam, 32 Cryptograms, Nightswimming into day, Pennies from Heaven, Cinderella (Stepmother/Godmother), Fearful Symmetries, The Sleeping Beauty (The Queen, The Lilac Fairy) and Alice (Queen of Hearts), Loosmore’s Sirocco and Chasing Ghosts, Balanchine's Agon (pas de deux), The Four Temperaments, Apollo (Therpsichore), Episodes and Rubies (solo girl), Forsythe’s Artifact Suite (Single Female Figure) and Workwithinwork, Pastor’s In Light and Shadow, Ashton’s Façade, Petronio’s MiddleSexGorge and Ride The Beast, Val Caniparoli's Still Life, Jorma Elo's Kings 2 Ends, Meckler/Lopez Ochoa's A Streetcar Named Desire (Blanche), Martin Lawrance’s Run For It, Matthew Bourne's Highland Fling, Kenneth MacMillan's Elite Syncopations and Christopher Hampson’s Hansel & Gretel.

Eve was nominated by the Critics Circle National Dance Awards for the Richard Sherrington Award for Best Female Dancer in 2005 and 2013. In 2011, Eve performed as a guest artist with Estonian National Ballet dancing the title role in Kenneth MacMillan's Manon. Eve was promoted to Principal in March 2014.

Why did you become a dancer?

I remember seeing Swan Lake when I was 3 or 4. I remember seeing Rothbart and the illusion of the live sea, glittering turquoise and orange and I remember the beautiful white swans. That made me want to be a part of the magical world of theatre.



Eve Mutso


See Eve as Juliet's Mother in the trailer for Romeo & Juliet.

Watch Eve Mutso transform into the Witch from Hansel & Gretel.

Eve talks about her role as Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire.

Panel discussion webcast

Behind the scenes at the poster shoot.

Eve talks about working with Jorma Elo on the creation of Kings 2 Ends.


Eve Mutso on the creation of Val Caniparoli's Still Life.




.Herald Scotland, 15 January 2014Eve Mutso (discarding her beehive wig to expose a head full of hideous scabs) is brilliantly jagged and revoltingly malevolent in her characterisation of the Witch.

.The Stage, 11 January 2014 - Eve Mutso’s chameleon-like witch is the focus of the whole show



.The Times, 30 April 2012 - Eve Mutso evokes a personality so needy and damaged that breakdwon seems the only option. And her dancing is lovely, fluid and full of emotional conviction.

.TheArtsDesk, 30 April 2012 - Shining through the evening is Eve Mutso's haunting performance as Balnche. A tall Hitchcockian blone of great beauty, she moves through her tragedies with a mesmerisingly languid passivity, strongly pitiable as she unfurls her long legs for yet another lowlife encounter, because Mutso somehow with a nauance of body language conveys the absolute inevitability of fote for a dreamer, and somehow a sense of dignity, despite all.

.Independent on Sunday, 29 April 2012 - Scottish Ballet’s principals prove first-rate, with Eve Mutso a mercurial and dangerously sympathetic Blanche...

.Sunday Times, 22 April 2012 - The premiere cast in all the leadings roles was splendid: Tama Barry as the macho Stanley, Sophie Martin as the much put-upon Stella, Adam Blyde as the innocent Mitch and, above all, Eve Mutso as the self-deluding, conscience-tormented Blanche DuBois. With so much dancing, Mutso’s performance is a triumph of stamina, but she is also a superb actress of emotional depth.

.The Scotsman, 12 April 2012 - In Eve Mutso in particular, Scottish Ballet has an absolute powerhouse of a performer. Playing the once-in-a-lifetime role of Blanche DuBois, she imbued it with every drop of intense humanity and pain it demands, and then some.”

.The Herald, 12 April 2012 - Eve Mutso, Tama Barry and Sophie Martin rise to the challenge of nuanced complexity with a subtlety, intelligence and gut integrity that is so fierce and fine it hurts… A personal triumph for Mutso and a tremendous premiere of a blazing new work for Scottish Ballet.

.STV.tv, 12 April 2012 - Eve Mutso stole the show as the tragic lead, embodying the fragile moth-like creature of Williams’ vision with subtlety and skill that was nothing short of captivating.

.Daily Telegraph, 13 April 2012 - Danced with real power on opening night by Eve Mutso, Tama Barry and Sophie Martin, this is (not least in its brilliant portrayal of sexual violence) a new ballet of truly tragic proportions.

.The Daily Telegraph, 13 April 2012 - Danced with real power by Eve Mutso, Tama Barry and Sophie Martin...


US TOUR 2011

Elo's Kings 2 Ends

. LA Times, 15 October 2011 - The two notable couples were Sophie Martin paired with Daniel Davidson and Owen Thorne with Eve Mutso (whose quirky opening solo was another high point).


Page’s Cinderella

.Northings, 14 December 2010Eve Mutso’s stylishly danced (and acted) Stepmother, Owen Thorne’s sad alcoholic father, Kara McLaughlin’s gangling Stepsister and Luke Ahmet’s fawning Equerry deliver nicely judged performances.

.Edinburgh Spotlight, January 2011 – The preposterous preenings of the Stepmother (Eve Mutso) and her daughters is a constant joy to watch.

.Inverness Courier, 01 February 2011 – The meaty roles of the nasty trio fell to Eve Mutso as the Stepmother and Kara McLaughlin and Sophie Laplane as the stepsisters. They tackled them with obvious relish, mugging in almost pantomime style at the audience and pulling off the deliberately gauche aspects of their choreography in fine style.



Ashley Page's Fearful Symmetries

.The Daily Telegraph - Each of the principals and soloists – not least Erik Cavallari and Eve Mutso – takes the breath away as they alternate between the straight lines of geometry and a gorgeous shape-changing that seems almost physically impossible.

.The Stage - The choreography might be Olivier Award-winning, but it makes strong demands on its performers. Demands which, with Eric Cavallari in total control, Sophie Martin, Sato and Eve Mutso sensual and moving as his three loves, and the corps de ballet fully controlled by their preordained destinies, the company rise far above.


.Sunday Herald, 25 April 2010 - Eve Mutso is transfixingly wonderful as Lady Capulet, like Lady Macbeth in a black velvet dress, a tall, elegant queen of all she surveys.

. Daily Telegraph, 23 April 2010 - Mrs C (the wonderful, elegantly tall Eve Mutso, in a long, black velvet dress) leads a truly magnificent, premonitory dance which emphasises the catastrophic conflict and hubris of the feud between the two clans.

.Hi-arts, 18 May 2010Eve Mutso as a strong Lady Capulet with more than a touch of The Snow Queen is a good match for her ruthless husband, but suggests in one telling section that in trying to marry off her daughter to the highest bidder, she is merely recapitulating her own experience.

.The Stage, 11 May 2010 – The street and party scenes, led by the excellent Owen Thorne and Eve Mutso as the Capulets…


AUTUMN 2009 

Forsythe’s Workwithinwork

.Dance Europe, November 2009 – In an exemplary cast, it was Luke Ahmet – another superbly musical dancer and Bethany Kingsley-Garner in a less prominent roles, as well as the always liquid Paul Liburd, who caught my eye – and of course, Eve Mutso, the gutsy, sexy, superbly equipped, leggy lead. 

. The Stage , 02 October 2009 – Especially beautiful, with elongated limbs, are Claire Robertson and Eve Mutso.

The Sleeping Beauty (2007-2008)

.The Times, 13 December 2007Eve Mutso and Jarkko Lehmus were delightful as Aurora’s high-stepping parents. 

.Scotland on Sunday, 16 December 2007 – Jarkko Lehmus and Eve Mutso make for a regal king and queen… in the wedding scene, their dancing, which mixes traditional ballet with fiery tango kicks, is magnificent

.Sunday Herald, 16 December 2007 – The Queen, a typically foxy Eve Mutso


EIF 2007
Page’s Fearful Symmetries
.The Herald, 21 August 2007 – Erik Cavallari is the wonderfully self-possessed Alpha Male, with three stunning ballerinas – Eve Mutso, Claire Robertson and Sophie Martin – servicing the different facets of his technique.

Petronio’s Ride The Beast
.Criticaldance.net, 22 August 2007Eve Mutso’s performance again begs the question of why she remains just a soloist

.The Scotsman, 20 August 2007 - …an awkward male crumbling in the face of perfection (aka Eve Mutso and Sophie Martin)

.Sunday Express, 26 August 2007 – Eve Mutso effortlessly walks away with Ride The Beast… her body makes sense of every move

Spring 2007

Balanchine’s Agon
.Daily Telegraph, 13 April 2007 – the domineering command of their leggy glamazon Eve Mutso 

.The Scotsman, 16 April 2007 – If you could bottle Estonian Eve Mutso’s talent and style, it would be worth a fortune. Stretching her endless legs up to the rafters during Geogre Balanchine’s Agon, she lit up the stage with partner Erik Cavallari.

.Sunday Herald, 15 April 2007 – soloists Eve Mutso, Soon Ja Lee and Jarkko Lehmus catch the eye

.Press And Journal, 27 April 2007 – It’s hardly surprising Scottish Ballet have put the Estonian ballet dancer Eve Mutso on the cover of the programme for their Spring tour. On stage last night with Eric Cavallari at HM Theatre in Balanchine’s Agon she magnetised the audience. Even when she is surrounded by the excellent ensemble, Mutso retains a mesmeric presence that is difficult to avoid. In Agon, she danced with a fluid confidence that was as impressive as it was unbelievable.

.Edinburgh Evening News, 19 April 2007 – the skill of Eve Mutso and Erik Cavallari shone through.

.Dancing Times, June 2007 - Eve Mutso and Erik Cavallari danced the pas de deux with firm strength and bold physicality - theirs was the best classical dancing of the evening.


CINDERELLA 2006/2007
.Sunday Herald, 17 December 2006- The divine, impossibly leggy Eve Mutso

.The Herald, 12 December 2006Eve Mutso, Patricia Hines and Diana Loosmore pitch exaggeration at just the right level, balancing the ridiculous posturings of the stepmother and stepsisters with scary shits into glinty meaning.

.South Wales Echo, 26 Jan 2007 – The spectacular stepmother (Eve Mutso)

.Criticaldance.net, 10 Dec 2006Mutso once again gives a prima performance

.Ballet.co.uk, Jan 2007Eve Mutso brings real bite and energy to the choreography


EIF 2006

Balanchine’s Agon
. ballet-dance.com, Aug 2006 – If anyone can bring Balanchine to life, it’s Eve Mutso with her fearlessness, flexibility and sleek lines. Her pas de deux with Erik Cavallari was one of the finest moments audiences have yet seen from Scottish Ballet. This was cool, effortless dancing with knife-edge precision from both dancers… If the rest of the company can keep up with Mutso and Cavallari, audiences are in for a treat.

.The Herald, 21 Aug 2006 – The honours go to Erik Cavallari and Eve Mutso for a duet of intensity that’s ice-hot.

.The Times, 23 Aug 2006 – Balanchine’s formal eccentricities hit a peak at the central pas de deux, danced by Erik Cavallari and Eve Mutso as a strict exercise in manipulation. Mutso is a long-limbed hot-ice blonde. Was Cavallari manouvering this regal femme fatale, or unwittingly doing her bidding?

.Sunday Herald, 03 Sept 2006 – The women, especially Eve Mutso, Sophie Martin and Claire Robertson, are ravishing.



Balanchine’s Episodes
. The Daily Telegraph, 20 March 2006 - … a meditative piece that boasted some strong individual performances (Eve Mutso, Sophie Martin, Paul Liburd)

.The Times, 27 March 2006Eve Mutso, Robert Doherty, Patricia Hines and Paul Liburd give two fascinating pas de deux…

.The Stage, 30 March 2006 - … although Mutso in her dominating duet with Robert Doherty and Soon Ja Lee leading the finale with Brice Bardot, were excellent.

.The Herald, 31 March 2006 – The fleeting bemusement on Robert Doherty’s face when he apparently mislays partner Eve Mutso (she’s behind him!) or the frisky, elusive actions of Patricia Hines when Paul Liburd is clearly convinced they’re in mid-duet, totally enrich a classic piece which (set to Webern) is cool, pure and intricately modern.

.Sunday Herald, 9 April 2006 - Eve Mutso, goddess-like in spray-on brilliant white Lycra, is deliciously cool and languorous in her duet with Robert Doherty.

.Danceviewtimes.com, 12 April 2006Eve Mutso, however, in her dominating duet with Robert Doherty to the Five Pieces Op 10, and Soon Ja Lee leading the finale (Ricercata in Six Voices) with Brice Bardot, are excellent.

.Ballet-dance.com, 20 April 2006 - … but the finest performance came in ‘5 Pieces, Opus 10’ pas de deux, with Robert Doherty and Eve Mutso…. Though still a soloist, she is without a doubt the ‘prima ballerina’ of this company, a fact made clear in this powerful performance.

.Ballet 2000, April 2006 - … Eve Mutso (who looked the most interesting of the company female dancers)…

Forsythe’s Suite from Artifact
. The Stage, 30 March 2006Eve Mutso has only simple gestures in her solo entries but still succeeds in dominating the stage.

.The Herald, 31 March 2006 – Hines, who lasered through the whole programme with fierce finesse – and Lehmus, Mutso, Claire Robertson and Erik Cavallari collected burnished honours in Forsythe’s Suite from Artifact, a tour de force that deserved the cheering ovation.


Spring 06
. Ballet.co.uk, March 2006 - .. and although there were individuals it would be impossible not to notice – Paul Liburd, Patricia Hines, Erik Cavallari, Eve Mutso and several others…

.Postimee – 15 April 2006 – Eve’s contribution was as great as any in the resounding success of Scottish Ballet’s London season.


CINDERELLA 2005-2006

.The Times, 15 December 2005 – Eve Mutso is a hideously glamorous harridan as the Stepmother.

.Press & Journal, 18 January 2006 - … while the elegant Eve Mutso as a godmother becomes the supernatural icon of the tale.

.BBC Stoke-on-Trent, 21 March 2006 - The award-winning Eve Mutso as the Stepmother is unmissable…

.Dance expression, March 2006 – New dancers of great talent are being featured, like the impressive ballerina Eve Mutso who was a nominee for Best Femal Dancer at the recent Critic’s Circle Dance Award…

.Ballet.co.uk, March 2006Eve Mutso displays exemplary technique, with amazing control, beautiful legs, feet and arms, and very quiet shoes. She effectively commands the stage, and even her walks are executed with acute precision while being stunningly graceful. She provides such needed dash of charisma where the principals fail to.

.Onlinereviewlondon.com – 12 April 2006 – The latter, pranced enthusiastically by (leopard-clad) Paul Liburd; along with Eve Mutso’s elegantly-pointed stepmother (in Schiparelli pink); proved outstanding movers in this scene.

.Postimee – 15 April 2006 – I saw Mutso in the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella and her sunny disposition and elegant line suited the role admirably.

.Dance now, Spring 2006Mutso, as one of Scottish Ballet’s leading ballerinas, must be congratulated for daring to make herself so ungainly. Many another would have not taken that risk.

Balanchine’s Rubies
.Sunday Herald, 4 September 2005 – But again it is soloist Eve Mutso, all Hollywood good looks and dancing to match, who steals the show.

.The Herald, 12 September 2005Mutso’s creamy stateliness later turning frisky in Rubies…

.The Sentinel, 15 September 2005 -… stunning dancing by Eve Mutso in the solo role.

.The Stage, 13 October 2005Eve Mutso is acclaimed in the solo role.

.Dance Europe, October 2005 – Eve Mutso in Rubies looked like she had been born to dance for Mr. B, and her infectious joy lit up the theatre. Surely a promotion to Principal must be going her way soon.

Balanchine’s Episodes
.Sunday Herald, 4 September 2005 – The central duet between Eve Mutso and Robert Doherty – one dressed in all-white, the other in white – is a breathtaking as it is unexpected.

.The Sunday Times, 4 September 2005 – Mutso socked it to us.

.The Observer, 4 SeptemberEve Mutso, a coolly sexy Hitchcock blonde.

Balanchine’s Apollo
.The Herald, 12 September 2005 – Eve Mutso, Soon Ja Lee and Claire Robertson are inspiring Muses.


.The Herald, 15 December 2004 – … though Eve Mutso deserves a special hurrah for her sensuous, “come-up-and-see-me” Arabian number in which she snakes over her male escorts like a tempting caress.

.Sunday Herald, 19 December 2004 - Eve Mutso is siren-like as Frau Stahlbaum, her thrusting sexuality a powerful precursor to the gentler blossoming her daughter is about to undergo.

.Daily Telegraph, 24 December 2004 - … and show up the severe shortcoming of dancers such as Eve Mutso and Cristo Vivancos, who look impressive in his modern triple bill.

EIF 2005
Balanchine’s Rubies
. The Herald, 27 August 2005 -Miss Mutso in her element, as is Claire Robertson…

. The Scotsman, 29 August 2005 – It also gave the stunning soloist Eve Mutso another chance to shine. Mutso is currently being sponsored by a jewellery firm, Hamilton and Inches, which is apt, because this beautiful, long-limbed dancer is the jewel in Scottish Ballet’s crown.


Balanchine’s The Four Temperaments
. Criticaldance.com, 13 April 2005- …while Eve Mutso and Robert Doherty gave the Third Theme a more mature coolness.



Balanchine’s The Four Temperaments
.Sunday Express, 4 April 2004Eve Mutso is long, blonde and classical while Robin Bernadet has a compelling dramatic presence.

.Daily Telegraph, 5 April 2004 – Several soloists were rewarding – elegant Eve Mutso in the Third Theme… capped by the Choleric ballerina, Soon Ja Lee.

. The Sunday Times, 11 April 2004Eve Mutso, partnered by Robert Doherty in the Third Theme, is blessed with a Balanchinian long line.

Page’s Acrid Avid Jam
.Sunday Express, 4 April 2004 - … while Mutso and Perez are sexy and smooth a hot knife through butter.

.The Stage, 29 April 2004 – … while Eve Mutso and Jose Perez’s vibrant duet of Acrid Avid Jam ensures that its return is worth seeing.


.The Herald, 18 December 2003– The Act Two diverts are a joy, the languorous Blue Angel Arabian (Eve Mutso) and the lechy Russian (Robert Doherty) being prime examples.

.Nairnshire Telegraph, 3 February 2004 – But it is in the Divertissement in Act II that the uninitiated get a real sense of seamlessness between the old and the new when Estonian dancer Eve Mutso (Marie’s mother in the story but sheer seductress in the dance) performs with Lehmus, Nicholas Cleverton and Mark Kimmett in an Arabian style arrangement which was just packed full of fluidity and power.


Eve Mum

After suffering a serious injury that could have ended her ballet career, Eve Mutso found her daughter helped take her focus away from the problem.

About 18 months ago, Eve injured her anterior cruciate ligament, resulting in nine months off work and an operation.

“Having a child took the focus away from my injury and I could enjoy time with her,” said Eve.

Eve returned to work in September in time for the autumn tour. “I wasn’t sure if I could come back to full fitness, but I was using all the resources there were – the physios and hydro pools,” she said. “But because I could also focus on my child, it helped me not to worry about my injury. It wasn’t so traumatic or all consuming.

“We’re dancers, so when you can’t dance you lose your identity a bit. You’re scared you’re not needed or wanted, or that someone will take your place.

“But I think being a mother balances you out a bit more. You look at things through a less dramatic filter.

“She’s interested in dancing but I haven’t put her into dancing classes yet. I think she can choose what she wants to do. I want to give her lots of options.” - Read the full article on the Daily Record website

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