Erik Cavallari

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Erik Cavallari

Erik was born in Brescia, Italy and trained at the Associazione Balletto Classico under the guidance of Marinel Stefanescu. He joined the company in 1997 and performed as a soloist, dancing in classic and neoclassic repertory.

In 1999 he appeared with the Ballet de Victor Ullate in Madrid and joined Scottish Ballet in 2001.

Why did you become a dancer?

I have a vague memory of my first day of dancing, I was five and I don't remember the reason why I was there. I guess my mom thought it was a nice thing to do. What I do remember very well is when I auditioned for a professional school few years later. I was 11 years old and training professionally; it meant leaving home for a boarding school far from my family. I knew at that point that I really wanted to dance. I can't tell why but I knew it was what I wanted to do, it was a gut feeling.


Acrid Avid Jam, Page
Cheating, Lying, Stealing, Page
The Nutcracker (The Nutcracker Prince, Drosselmeyer), Page
32 Cryptograms, Page
Soft Underbelly, Page
Room Of Cooks, Page
Nightswimming Into Day
, Page
The Pump Room, Page
Walking In The Heat, Page
Cinderella (The Prince), Page
Fearful Symmetries, Page
The Sleeping Beauty
 (The Prince), Page
Pennies From Heaven,
Alice (Charles Dodgson), Page
Dangerous Liaisons, Alston
Five Rückert Songs, Darrell
Othello (Othello), Darrell
Sirocco, Loosmore
Chasing Ghosts, Loosmore
Lull, Loosmore
The Four Temperaments (Third Variation - Phlegmatic), Balanchine 
Rubies, Balanchine
Agon, Balanchine
Apollo, Balanchine
Two Pieces For Het, Van Manen
Artifact Suite, Forsythe
Workwithinwork, Forsythe
Façade, Ashton
MiddleSexGorge, Petronio 
Ride The Beast, Petronio
Romeo and Juliet (Romeo and Benvolio), Pastor
Petrushka (Magician), Spink
Still Life, Val Caniparoli
Song of the Earth (Lead Man), MacMillan
Kings 2 Ends, Jorma Elo
A Streetcar Named Desire (Stanley), Meckler/Lopez Ochoa
Run For It, Lawrence
Elite Syncopations, MacMillan
Hansel & Gretel, Hampson


Erik Cavallari


Erik in rehearsals for Romeo & Juliet as part of our rehearsal film series.

Erik in the poster shoot video for Romeo & Juliet 2010.

Romeo & Juliet 2010 trailer featuring Erik as Romeo.




.Dance Europe, July 2014 - Erik Cavallari, as Lord Capulet, was quite brilliant.

.The Herald Scotland, April 2014 - The original Romeo and Juliet, Erik Cavallari and Sophie Martin, have gone from strength to strength in this. Technically they thrill and delight, as always, but there's an added command of characterisation that really does tug at the heart.



MacMillan's Song of the Earth

.Independent Dance Reviews, 10 November 2011 - Sophie Martin trusts the steps with all her being, and is magnificent. No less true the manner of Erik Cavallari as the Man and Christopher Harrison as the Messenger: noble, selfless dancing.

Erik Cavallari as the male lead made light work of MacMillan’s challenging vertiginous lifts...

.Spectator, 12 November 2011 - Sophie Martin and Erik Cavallari gave a perfect rendition of roles that remain associated, in the memory of many with some of the greatest artists ever.


The trio of dancers at the heart of the choreography – Adam Blyde, Erik Cavallari and Sophie Martin – connect us, with exquisitely nuanced detail, to the life cycle expressed in the songs. Blyde, the Messenger of Death, shadows the unfolding actions with a potent subtlety, while Cavallari offers a boundless vitality that Martin answers with a porcelain delicacy.

The Herald, 27 August 2011

Sophie Martin and Erik Cavallari give impassioned and strongly defined interpretations of the Everyman and Everywoman whose tragedy is at the ballet’s heart.”

Mail on Sunday. 04 September 2011

Alice 2011

Carroll is danced with touching melancholy by Erik Cavallari.

Guardian, 14 april 2011

Erik Cavallari is Charles, dancing in many scenes with vigour and dash. He also portrays his feelings for Alice with subtlety: a protective love, combined with yearning.

Sunday Times, 17 April 2011

Sophie Martin as Alice is on stage for most of the ballet but she looks as delicious and lively in the very last scene as she does when we first meet her. Erik Cavallari is a warm and caring Dodgson. Dancing both together and separately, they move with a remarkable fluidity which is a joy to look at.

Theatre in Wales, 05 May 2011



Ashley Page's Fearful Symmetries

Each of the principals and soloists – not least Erik Cavallari and Eve Mutso – takes the breath away as they alternate between the straight lines of geometry and a gorgeous shape-changing that seems almost physically impossible.

The Daily Telegraph

The choreography might be Olivier Award-winning, but it makes strong demands on its performers. Demands which, with Eric Cavallari in total control, Sophie Martin, Sato and Eve Mutso sensual and moving as his three loves, and the corps de ballet fully controlled by their preordained destinies, the company rise far above


The lovers themselves are danced with truly affecting anguish by Erik Cavallari (Romeo) and Sophie Martin (Juliet).

Sunday Herald, 25 April 2010

Erik Cavallari (Romeo) and Sophie Martin (Juliet) give genuinely beautiful and touching lead to a deservedly revived Scottish Ballet success.

Daily Telegraph, 23 April 2010

Cavallari and Martin stand out, their attraction immediate and complete. Their love duets are pure romance.

The Stage, 11 May 2010

Erik Cavallari and Sophie Martin are simply delightful together, expressing real feelings of innocent teenage love.

Edinburgh Guide, 30 April 2010



It presents the ballet’s final pas de deux (between the tale’s young lovers, danced exquisitely by Erik Cavallari and Claire Robertson) with a beautifully executed classicism

Daily Telegraph, 14 Dec 2009

Robertson’s spirited Marie is an expressive mix of vulnerability and determination - utterly deserving of Erik Cavallari’s noble Prince, their closing pas de deux a radiant outpouring of consummate partnering worth a galaxy of stars in itself.

The Herald, 14 Dec 2009 –

The grand pas de deux between principal dancers Claire Robertson and Erik Cavallari is a spell-binding blend of romance and masterful technique.

The Scotsman, 14 Dec 2009

Claire Robertson and her prince Erik Cavallari blossom with grace and classical technique to spare.

Dancing Times, February 2010

Spring 2009

Ashley Page'sCheating, Lying, Stealing

The dancers’ performances are heroic – Erik Cavallari and Claire Robertson particularly.

The Sunday Times, 26 April 2009



The nobly elegant Erik Cavallari

The Herald, 9th December 2008

The love scene between Princess Aurora (Claire Robertson) and the Prince (Erik Cavallari) is a stunning enactment of pure romance. It looks exactly like you want fairy tale love to look like..

The Skinny, January 2009

Romeo & Juliet 2008

Erik Cavallari offers an uncomplicated, brave Romeo.

The Guardian, 17th May 2008

Erik Cavallari’s Romeo is a handsome footloose boy.

The Times 19th May 2008



beautiful opening night performances from Soon Ja Lee, Claire Robertson and Erik Cavallari in particular.

The Daily Telegraph, 13 December 2007

Some of the duets in the wedding scene, particularly the stylish, spiky pas de deux between Sophie Martin and her Prince and the pure romance of the ballet danced by principals Claire Robertson and Erik Cavallari as Princess Aurora and the Prince, showcase Scottish Ballet’s talent at its best.

Scotland on Sunday, 16 December 2007

EIF 2007

Page’s Fearful Symmetries

>Erik Cavallari is the wonderfully self-possessed Alpha Male, with three stunning ballerinas – Eve Mutso, Claire Robertson and Sophie Martin – servicing the different facets of his technique.

The Herald, 21 August 2007

…the impressive Erik Cavallari

The Sunday Times, 26 August 2007

It’s all about one man, the undaunted Erik Cavallari

Sunday Express, 26 August 2007

Spring 2007

Balanchine’s Agon

Eve Mutso and Erik Cavallari danced the pas de deux with firm strength and bold physicality - theirs was the best classical dancing of the evening

Dancing Times, June 2007


CINDERELLA 2006/2007

Robertson and Cavallari makes a dreamy couple, near luminous in bright white… Their pas de deux at the ball has all the other-wordly beauty and purity of line you could hope for from a romantic duet.

Sunday Herald, 17 Dec 2006

Erik Cavallari is most elegant with beautiful lines

Ballet.co.uk, Jan 2007

Erik Cavallari, as the Prince, added some wonderful touches of characterisation.

Criticaldance.net, 10 Dec 2006

EIF 2006

Balanchine’s Agon

Eve Mutso’s pas de deux with Erik Cavallari was one of the finest moments audiences have yet seen from Scottish Ballet. This was cool, effortless dancing with knife-edge precision from both dancers… If the rest of the company can keep up with Mutso and Cavallari, audiences are in for a treat

ballet-dance.com, Aug 2006

Spring 2006

Forsythe’s Suite from Artifact

Hines, who lasered through the whole programme with fierce finesse – and Lehmus, Mutso, Claire Robertson and Erik Cavallari collected burnished honours in Forsythe’s Suite from Artifact, a tour de force that deserved the cheering ovation.

The Herald, 31 March 2006

… a striking Erik Cavallari with the profile of a young Byzantine potentate. Cavallari is a muscular, accomplished dancer…

Onlinereviewlondon.com – 12 April 2006


CINDERELLA 2005-2006

Both(Erik Cavallari and Claire Robertson) are strong dancers and delivered their solos well.

Ballet.co.uk, March 2006

- …it was Erik Cavallari, in the usually blank role of Prince Charming, who gave the positive and dance-credible interpretation. He played as if he believed in what he was given to do – a noteworthy achievement.

Financial Times, 16 March 2006

Autumn 2005

Balanchine’s Apollo

Erik Cavallari goes from strength to strength as Apollo, not simply dancing superbly but clearly motivating the stylised movement.

The Herald, 12 September 2005

Page’s The Pump Room

Erik Cavallari and Cristo Vivancos are sublimely deadpan in the Popular Song.

The Independent, 19 April 2005



The amiable Erik Cavallari…

The Observer, 8 January 2005 005


Van Manen’s Two Pieces for HET

... Two Pieces for HET with the wonderfully poised, mischievous Claire Robertson and Erik Cavallari turning up the heat with every glance…

The Herald, 16 September 2004

…Claire Robertson and Erik Cavallari convoyed a potent electric charge in Two Pieces for HET.

The Sunday Times Culture, 26 September 2004


Balanchine’s The Four Temperaments

Erik Cavallari proved a strong, subtle replacement in the marvellous Phlegmatic variation.

The Sunday Times, 11 April 2004

MacMillan's Song of the Earth

The exception was, again, Sophie Martin, a mesmerizing presence as a loner adrift in the world. Enter the equally expressive Erik Cavallari; their concluding love duet made the heart tingle.

LA Times, 15 October 2011

Sophie Martin, Erik Cavallari and Christopher Harrison, who danced the principal roles, were superb.

Blogdowntown, 18 October 2011

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