Diana Loosmore


diana-loosmoreDiana trained at the Queensland University of Technology and toured throughout Australia.

In London, she performed for Jeremy James and Company, Red Rain Dance Theatre, Paul Douglas’ Small Bones Dance Company, Mark Bruce Company, Rafeal Bonachela and Richard Alston Dance Company, appearing in his BBC Masterworks The Rite of Spring. She has appeared alongside Snag Project choreographers Joanne Fong and Sarah Warsop at the Royal Opera House and Queen Elizabeth Hall.

Diana danced with Siobhan Davies Dance Company on the 2003 Bank Project and since joining Scottish Ballet as a soloist in Spring 2003 has danced in Page’s Acrid Avid Jam, The Nutcracker (The Governess/Dame Mouserink), 32 Cryptograms, Nightswimming into day, Room Of Cooks, Refurbished Behaviour, The Pump Room and  Cinderella (Stepsister/Stepmother), Alston’s Dangerous Liaisons (which she also performed as part of the Dance Umbrella Gala), Petronio’s MiddleSexGorge and Ride The Beast, Davies’ White Man Sleeps, Forsythe’s Artifact Suite (Mudwoman) and Workwithinwork, Spink's Petrushka, Ashton’s Façade, Brown’s For M.G.: The Movie, Pastor's In Light and Shadow, Meckler/Lopez Ochoa's A Streetcar Named Desire and Martin Lawrance’s Run For It.

Diana received a Herald Angel Award for excellence in her performance of Page works during Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2005, and Diana’s first choreographic work, Sirocco, premiered in Autumn 2006. Diana was also awarded the 2007 Peter Darrell Choreographic Award, and her second choreographic work, Chasing Ghosts, was performed at the Peter Darrell Gala in March 2007, and as part of Scottish Ballet’s Autumn Season 2007. Diana also choreographed Lull on Scottish Ballet dancers, a piece that was commissioned especially for Summer Season 2008.





Watch Diana transform into Dame Mouserink from The Nutcracker below.





.Inverness Courier, 29 January 2010 – Diana Loosmore’s appearances on stage were always to be relished in her dual roles of evil mouse queen Mouserink and Marie’s imposing governess in a sexier combination of Darcy Bussell, Supernanny and Rose Klebb.


Forsythe’s Workwithinwork

.Hiarts, 08 November 2009 - It was, as always, a treat to see Paul Liburd and Diana Loosmore, two dancers who have in common an enviable strength, grace and precision.

EIF 2007
Petronio’s Ride The Beast
.Criticaldance.net, 22 August 2007- Diana Loosmore sets the electric tone…

Brown’s For M.G.: The Movie
.Criticaldance.net, 22 August 2007 - Tama Barry and Diana Loosmore tackled the fiendish slow-motion choreography with impressive dedication.


Page's Room Of Cooks
.Evening Times, 12 April 2007 – The domestic disharmony between Diana Loosmore and Jarkko Lehmus is mesmerising, while Paul Liburd is a dream to watch. It’s hard to tear your eyes away from this trio whenever they are on stage – amazing.

.The Scotsman, 16 April 2007Diana Loosmore, Jarkko Lehmus and Paul Liburd keep the atmosphere crackling with adulterous passion

.Criticaldance.net, April 2007 - Diana Loosmore, Paul Liburd and Jarkko Lehmus were outstanding.

CINDERELLA 2006 – 2007

.The Herald, 12 December 2006 – Eve Mutso, Patricia Hines and Diana Loosmore pitch exaggeration at just the right level, balancing the ridiculous posturings of the stepmother and stepsisters with scary shifts into glinty meaning.

.Criticaldance.net, 10 Dec 2006 – Another fine duo were the stepsisters, Patricia Hines and Diana Loosmore

.The Scotsman, 11 Dec 2006 – Patricia Hines and Diana Loosmore are the most deliciously nasty stepsisters you could wish for.

.Sunday Herald, 17 Dec 2006 – Played to comic perfection by Hines and Loosmore as 18th century girls-behaving-badly (think Britney Spears and Paris Hilton on the town).


Page's Refurbished Behaviour

. The Herald 5*, September 20 2006 - Loosmore and Lehmus were in wonderful, slow-burn mode – stretching into the sinuous clashes and gamesmanship that make Page’s Refurbished Behaviour erotic and amusing.

.The Scotsman 4*, September 20 2006 - The onstage chemistry of dancers such as Loosmore and Jarkko Lehmus was crackling.

Petronio’s MiddleSexGorge

. Dance Europe, May 2006 – The cast were exceptional, notably Diana Loosmore, who paced the stage with dangerous intent, and Jarkko Lehmus, whose reservoirs of intensity came perilously close to exploding.

CINDERELLA 2005-2006

. Leopard Magazine, December 2005/January 2006 - Individual dancers like Claire Robertson, Patricia Hines, Diana Loosmore, Oliver Rydout and Jarkko Lehmus shone…


Page’s The Pump Room

. The Herald, 12 September 2005 – Pump Room – danced by its original quartet of Diana Loosmore, Jarkko Lehmus, Sophie Martin and Paul Liburd – now feels like a thrumming pressure cooker where each heat exchange bodies threatens to blow the roof off. Utterly brilliant…

EIF 2005

Page’s The Pump Room
. The List, August 2005 – Jarkko Lehmus and Diana Loosmore, two of Scottish Ballet’s most sensual dancers…

Page’s Refurbished Behaviour and Acrid Avid Jam
. The Herald, 16 August 2005Diana Loosmore and Jarkko Lehmus do the honours in Refurbished Behaviour and Acrid Avid Jam, their on-stage rapport a source of piquantly nuanced tensions, flirtations, stand-offs and molten coalitions. How gorgeous is it to be this close to two such exceptional dancers. Loosmore is kind a haughty yet hot, as she slickly flicks her limbs through Page’s deliciously edgy, sexy moves.

.The List, 18-25 Aug 2005 – When Diana Loosmore and Jarkko Lehmus dance, sparks fly.


Page’s The Pump Room
.The Herald, 14 April 2005 – His new piece, The Pump Room – to pistoning rhythms by Aphex Twin – celebrates the physicality and technical prowess of four dancers: Diana Loosmore (off pointe), with Jarkko Lehmus and Sophie Martin (on pointe) with Paul Liburd.

.The Observer, 1 May 2005 - The Pump Room is for two powerful men – Jarkko Lehmus and Paul Liburd (both with contemporary dance background) – interacting with rogue particle women, Diana Loosmore and Sophie Martin.

.The Observer, 1 May 2005Loosmore is demanding, complicated.


.The Herald, 15 December 2004 – The forces of evil almost steal the show, especially when there are feisty bad girls of the calibre of Patricia Hines and Diana Loosmore

.The Herald, 15 December 2004Loosmore has a smouldering quality that is nicely complemented by Jarrko Lehmus’ broodingly powerful performance – they too hint at the magnetic attraction of opposites.

.Rosshire Journal, 28 January 2005 – Likewise, Diana Loosmore as both the Governess and Dame Mouserink was outstandingly effective in black and white. Her movements were superbly sinewy and lithe, which fitted her shady character beautifully.

.Dance Expression, February 2005 – In an eyeball-to-eyeball duet, contemporary dancer Diana Loosmore, powerfully turning with sumptuous use of back, confronts the light-footed effortlessly-leaping Royal Ballet trained Adam Blyde.


Page’s 32 Cryptograms
.Dance Europe, June 2004 - … from injecting ravishing new talents like Diana Loosmore and Patricia Hines…


.Dance Europe, November 2003 – The sight of new dancers like tiny Kirov-trained first principal Tatiana Loginova, magnificent male first principal José Oduardo Perez, Australian Diana Loosmore and Russian Vassilissa Levtonova is almost too thrilling to bear.

.Evening News, 18 Dec 2003 – It was, however, Diana Loosmore who quietly stole the show as the governess/Dame Mouserink simply by virtue of her enormous presence and character.

.The Herald, 18 December 2003 – Before this happy ending, there are a host of other delights: Diana Loosmore’s dominatrix Governess, divinely wicked, as are the Bad Snowflakes (Loosmore again and Patricia Hines) cutting a malevolent dash amid the exquisitely twirling, tutu-ed ballerinas on pointe.

.Daily Mail, 19 December 2003 – Rather, we got Dame Mouserink (Diana Loosmore) rather naughtily got up in boots, leather girdle and big rodent ears so she looked a sort of dominatrix Minnie Mouse. But the part was superbly and sensually danced.

.Lochaber News, 24 January 2004 - Lochaber News, 24 January 2004 – Jarkko Lehmus’ muscular interpretation of the role – and his passionate encounter with governess/ Dame Mouserink (Diana Loosmore), soon cleared it up. Their early encounter, the Dame with full mousetail, was one of the most energetic and exciting pieces of dance…

.Dance now, Spring 2004 – Dances arrive in the expected order to fulfil roughly the expected function, give or take a pair of spiteful snowflakes – a nice chilly touch, sharply executed by Diana Loosmore and Patricia Hines in the opening cast. 

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