Current Repertoire

The following works are currently in Scottish Ballet's repertoire. Click on a production title for more information. 

New Work (2012) by Martin Lawrance (part of Dance GB)
A Streetcar Named Desire (2012) by Nancy Meckler and Annabelle Lopez Ochoa
Song of the Earth (1965) by Kenneth MacMillan
Kings 2 Ends (2011) by Jorma Elo
Alice (2011) by Ashley Page
From Where (2008) by Paul Liburd
Still Life (2010) by Val Caniparoli
Scènes de Ballet (1947) by Frederick Ashton
Workwithinwork (1998) by William Forsythe
Petrushka (2009) by Ian Spink
Carmen (2009) by Richard Alston
Romeo and Juliet (2008) by Krzysztof Pastor
Traume (2008) by Gregory Dean
Lull (2008) by Diana Loosmore
Pennies from Heaven (2008) by Ashley Page
The Sleeping Beauty (2007) by Ashley Page
Chasing Ghosts (2007) by Diana Loosmore
Ride The Beast (2007) by Stephen Petronio
For M.G. - The Movie (1991) by Trisha Brown
Fearful Symmetries (1994) by Ashley Page
In Light and Shadow (2000) by Krzysztof Pastor
Room of Cooks (1997) by Ashley Page
Othello (1971) by Peter Darrell
Cheating, Lying, Stealing (1998) by Ashley Page
Cinderella (2005) by Ashley Page
The Pump Room (2005) by Ashley Page
The Nutcracker (2003) by Ashley Page
MiddleSexGorge (1990) by Stephen Petronio
Walking In The Heat (1990) by Ashley Page
Acrid Avid Jam (2001) by Ashley Page
32 Cryptograms (1996) by Ashley Page
Five Rückert Songs (1978) by Peter Darrell
Refurbished Behaviour (1985, revised 2005) by Ashley Page
Soft Underbelly (1999) by Ashley Page 
Nightswimming into day (2004) by Ashley Page

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