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Shoe Appeal

Shoes are one of the tools that help dancers make astonishing, athletic and beautiful art. Creating a new ballet like Hansel & Gretel is an exciting challenge and you can help Scottish Ballet produce this new work by helping us buy new shoes.

Scottish Ballet's dancers go through thousands of pairs of bespoke shoes each year, from pointe shoes to flats, boots to character shoes. With your support, Scottish Ballet will purchase the dancer's shoes that bring ballets to life and give them the most vital tool of their costume. Please will you help create the magic of a new ballet by making a donation today?


Shoe - Square Crop
Will pay for one pair of pointe shoes

Shoe - Square Crop
Will pay for one pair of men’s character shoes

Shoe - Square Crop
Will pay for 17 pairs of children’s shoes

Shoe - Square Crop
Will pay for ballet shoes for a male dancer for 10 weeks

Shoe - Square Crop
Will pay for a principal dancer's shoes for one season

Shoe - Square Crop
Will pay for the shoes for one cast of Hansel & Gretel

Shoe - Square Crop
Other amount











Thank you to all of our generous donors so far:

Fiona Addison

Lindsay Alexander

Susan Anderson

Ann Archibald

William Armitage

Margaret Auld

Tim Bagnall

Patricia Bain

Wendy Bannerman

E. Barnes for Christie and
Robyn Blackie

Elizabeth Baxter

Lidia Becci

Susan Bedford

Susan Bell

Maureen Bird

William Blair

John Bogle

Richard and Margaret I Bowie

Vivienne Boyd

Elizabeth Brittin

Carol Brodie

David Brotherton

Elisabeth Brown

Jennifer Bute

M. Cameron

Alison Campbell

Rosemary Cantlay

George Chapman

M. R. Christie

Sheila Christie

Georgina Clayton

Kirstie Colam

Martin Collins

Ann Corben

Sheila Craik

Sandy and Margaret Crombie

Elizabeth Danby

Alison Dickson

Pamela Dignan

Diane Dixon

Jean Donaldson

Patricia Dootson

Sheena Doran

Alexa Dowie

Pearl Du Feu

Annie Duff

Audrey Dykes

Peter Easson

Keith Fairweather

Elaine Falconer

Margaret Falconer

Isabella Ferrier

Mary FitzRandolph

Kathleen Forsyth

John Gallacher

Margaret Geddes

Patrick Gibson

Ranald Godfrey

Jean Grainge

Alex and Sheila Granton

Nora Gray

Majorie Haggarty

Anne and Ian Halliburton

S. Hammond-Chambers and
A. Hammond- Chambers

Patricia and P Harrison

Janina Harvey

Joan Harvey

Frederick Hay and Annabeth McLean

Isabel Hay

Jean Henderson

Ruth Henderson

Winifred Henderson

Lesley Hendry

Hazel and Bill Henley

Heather Hill

Sidney Hogarth

Harry Holmes

Jean Holmes

Dorothy Hope

Inez Hutchison

Elma and John Innes

Eleanor and Crawford Jamieson

N. Jeffrey

Mary-Rose Johnson

Jane Kellett  

Albert Kerr

John Kinloch      

David and Lesley Kirton

Lynne Leonard

Christine Lessels

Elizabeth Lipton

Katharine and John Liston

Russell Lowe

Douglas and Judith Maccoll

Robin and Morag MacCormick

Alastair MacFadyen

Mary Macfarlane

Robert Macfarlane

Alexander MacGregor

Alison Mack

Fiona MacKelvie

Helen Mackie

Shiona Mackie

Christine Macleod

Jean MacLeod

Mary and Ian Macleod

M. Mailer

Kim Main

Rosemary Marshall

Gaynor Mathieson

Agnes McAllister

Ian McEwan

Jennifer McLaren

John and Mattie McMenemin

Doreen McMillan

Kathleen McWilliam

Marion Menzies

Derek Mickel

Kirsteen Millar

Andrew and Rosemary Milligan

Evelyn Mitchell

John Moorhouse

Margaret Morrison

Jan and Donald Munro

Lyn Murray

John Newton

Derek Ogston

Raewyn Paterson

Robert and Paterson

Madeline Patterson

Colin Peacock

Mary Pirie

E. Pleasant

Maureen Powell

Jennifer Quin

Rosemary Rankin

Marie Reid

Maggie Riley

Morag Ritchie

Joan Robertson

Laura Robertson

Shelagh Robertson

Nigel Rose

Richard and Rosemary Rose

Eileen Runciman

Grant Scott

Stella Scott

Margaret Service

Robert Shaw

Daniel Simpson

Gill Smith

Maggie Smith

Murray Smith

A. Stephen

Alastair and Sheila Stewart

Deborah and Ian Stewartby

Janet Storry

George Sutherland

M. Taylor

Helen Templeton

Moira Thom

Madeline Thompson

Maimie Tucker

Jennifer Turner

Vera Tweddle

Joan Uys

Marie Walker

Ann Watt

Mary Wetherick

Graham Whyte

Anne Williamson

Margaret Winter

Ealasaid Wishart

Joan Young

and the many anonymous donors.        

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