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Artemis Investment Management LLP sponsor Scottish Ballet dancers Christopher Harrison and Nathalie Dupouy

Artemis Investment Management LLP was established in 1997 as a dedicated active investment management house specialising in growing the money of retail investors. Since then, Artemis has established a reputation for strong investment performance during rising as well as falling markets and now manages an asset base of £10.6bn as at 30/09/2010.

 When Scottish Ballet approached us about their Sponsor a Dancer scheme we became conscious of how many staff events were centered on sporting and outdoor pursuits. While this appeals to a large proportion of our employees, teaming up with Scottish Ballet seemed the perfect way to introduce the arts into the mix to balance things out. We decided to seek a dancer who was an extrovert and happy to chat to staff and participate at events. We decided to sponsor Principal dancer, Tama Barry, because of his joie de vivre and vivacious personality.

We are always keen to promote health and fitness awareness among our staff, and our dancer Tama Barry came along to our office to join in with an afternoon of cookery classes, this was a great way to introduce him to our staff in small groups and everyone enjoyed chatting to him and finding out about his life as a dancer. As well as inspiring those not so fit to get fitter, even our most hardened quadrathletes were fascinated to meet with Tama and were in awe of the level of fitness required by him. 

Sponsoring the arts was a new initiative for us, many of the staff had never attended a ballet before the sponsorship began, but since then we have had several outings to see Scottish Ballet and each time the group, a merry mix of staff and their friends and family, has got larger and more enthusiastic and as a result, Scottish Ballet has many new fans!

Joyce Pringle, HR Manager, Artemis Investment Management LLP.


A day out with Artemis

In September, our sponsors Artemis took Development Manager Helen Searl and Development Assistant Jennie Kinloch out for a day of sailing on the Clyde with the Ocean Youth Trust Scotland. A great day was had by all, helped in no small way by the fabulous weather and the super lunch prepared on board! The girls agreed it was lovely to get the opportunity to have a day out on the water and thoroughly enjoyed getting know our sponsors a little bit better.

Helen Artemis Drivingcrop


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