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Pennies from Heaven

Ashley Page (2008)

Inspired by the music and cinema of the 1930s, Pennies from Heaven is a playful interpretation of a range of popular songs from the period, with elegant designs steeped in the vintage glamour of the era. The dancers are cast as a cross-section of 30s society, including hotel bell-hop, cinema cigarette girl, and romantic couples out for the evening in a collection of vignettes telling a variety of bittersweet love stories.



Choreography: Ashley Page
Music: Songs of the 1930s
Design: Antony McDonald
Assistant set design: Annemarie Woods
Lighting design: Peter Mumford

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Pennies from Heaven









What the press said

"It’s de-licious, it’s de-lightful it’s de-lovely... It showcases the dancers, who all make the fiendishly nippy footwork look easy-peasy, it revels in the humour, the insights and emotional depths that Page and McDonald bring to their full-length collaborations and if you don't leave grinning goofily, but blinking back a tear then heaven help you. These Pennies are totally minted.”
The Herald 

"Bubbling Vintage Fizz."
The Evening Times 

"Clever choreography, superb dancing and Antony McDonald’s stunning set and costumes.Utterly joyful, uplifting and entertaining - Pennies from Heaven is Page’s finest hour."
The Scotsman


Autumn Season 2011 

(performed with Elo's Kings 2 Ends)

29 September – 01 October 2011

Up Close tour October 2010

(featuring Pennies from Heaven exceprts)

Byre Theatre, St Andrews 
20 October
An Lanntair, Stornoway 
20-21 October
DGone, Dumfries 
22 October
The Macphail Theatre, Ullapool 
26 October
Ryan Centre, Stranraer 
26 October
Pickaquoy Centre, Kirkwall
29 October
The Maltings, Berwick-upon-Tweed 
29-30 October

China tour 2009

(performed with Alston's Carmen)

Nanjing People's Hall, Nanjing
19 May 2009
Shanghai Grand Theatre, Shanghai
22 - 23 May 2009
Mei Lanfang Grand Theatre, Beijing
26 - 27 May 2009

Autumn Season 2008

(performed with Petronio's Ride the Beast and Brown's For MG: The Movie)

Theatre Royal Glasgow 
18-20 Sept 2008
Festival Theatre Edinburgh
25-27 Sept 2008
Southbank Centre's Queen Elizabeth Hall London
4-5 Oct 2008 
Eden Court Inverness
7-8 Oct 2008 
His Majesty's Theatre Aberdeen 
10-11 October 2008

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