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During the Stahbaum’s Christmas party, the family performs a play called The Story of the Hard Nut for their guests. The play tells the tale of Princess Pirlipat and her misfortune with Dame Mouserink.

Dame Mouserink, Queen of the Mice, lives under the floorboards in the palace of the King and Queen - Pirlipat’s parents. In The Nutcracker, Dame Mouserink leads the army of mouse suffragettes into battle against the Nutcracker Doll.

When the play ends, the family unmask themselves to reveal their true identities and Marie is struck by how much Dame Mouserink looks like her governess. Mouserink returns in Marie’s distorted dream of the little play at the end of Act I and the beginning of Act II.

The costumes for Mouserink are a classic illustration of the depth and detail of design that Page and McDonald devise for their characters. Mouserink’s costumes were influenced by the style of Mary Louise Brooks (1906 – 1985), better known by her stage name Louise Brooks. Louise Brooks was best known as a silent film actress who appeared in films including Pandora’s Box. She was famous for pioneering the bobbed haircut, which was re-created on Mouserink with exaggerated mouse-ears.


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