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To be eligible to audition for Scottish Ballet preference is given to members of the European Union and European Economic Area. Artists out with this area may still apply but would need a permit to work for the company or have British Patriality. Such permits can be issued when no artist of EU nationality is of the required standard in audition although at this time such permits are very limited and are only considered in exceptional circumstances. 

Artists should send the following for consideration: Full CV giving details of height, weight, nationality and professional training and experience. A small number of pictures should be sent and should include a head and shoulders shot, a clear photograph in arabesque and in a jump. DVD/Video are also acceptable with applications.

Applications are accepted throughout the year, whether we have places are not at a particular time. Artists whom the Artistic Director wishes to see will be invited to join a company class.  

To enquire further about auditioning for Scottish Ballet, please email John Aitken, Company Manager at


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