The Rite of Spring


Thu and Fri / Sat

Older Brother: Christopher Harrison / Victor Zarallo
Younger Brother: Constant Vigier / Jamiel Laurence
Faith: Luciana Ravizzi / Constance Devernay


Elite Syncopations (1974)


Thu and Fri / Sat

Sunflower Slow Drag (Scott Joplin with Scott Hayden) – The Company
Elite Syncopations  (Scott Joplin)– The Company
The Cascades (Scott Joplin) – Eve Mutso, Bethany Kingsley-Garner, Constance Devernay / Quenby Hersh, Daniela Oddi, Marge Hendrick
Hot-House Rag (James Scott) – Remi Andreoni, Jamiel Laurence, Daniel Davidson / Constant Vigier, Daniel Davidson, Nicholas Shoesmith
Calliope Rag (James Scott) – Bethany Kingsley-Garner / Quenby Hersh
Ragtime Nightingale (Joseph F. Lamb) – The Company
The Golden Hours (Max Morath) – Constance Devernay, Victor Zarallo / Daniela Oddi, Andrew Peasgood
Stoptime Rag  (Scott Joplin) – Sophie Martin / Brenda Lee Grech
The Alaskan Rag (Joseph F. Lamb) – Eve Mutso, Jamiel Laurence / Marge Hendrick, Constant Vigier
Bethena (Concert Waltz) (Scott Joplin) – Sophie Martin, Erik Cavallari / Christopher Harrison, Brenda Lee Grech
Friday Night (Donald Ashwander) – Remi Andreoni / Nicholas Shoesmith
Cataract Rag (Robert Hampton)– The Company


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