Autumn 2012: a green campaign

Companies are increasingly turning to online marketing, believing it to be efficient, creative, targetable, economically sensible and, importantly, green.

We care about our planet and we appreciate that we use a great deal of paper in promoting our shows with leaflets, posters and letters we produce. But this is how performing companies have raised awareness of their shows for decades: radically changing this would be a big risk, wouldn't it?

Well, for our Autumn 12 season, we are going to do just that: the promotion of this season will be as paper-free as possible. We are excited to see if this really works and feel we will learn invaluable lessons for future marketing campaigns - we will also publish our results so other companies can benefit from what we have learned.

The rules are:
- we will produce the minimum of leaflets and posters - we have reduced our leaflets quantities by 80% compared to previous autumn tours.
- all our marketing activity will be digital.



Please help us to spread the word.

- If you are selling digital advertising space, digital advertising solutions, web solutions, please contact our agency Mediacom.

- If you are developing an innovative digitally based communication product which you would be interested to test and build a case study on, please contact Kirsten Cockburn ( or Charlotte Gross ( on 0141 331 2931.

- If you would like to help us tell people about our Autumn Season in a 'green' way, please feel free to share our webpages, video and photographs across Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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