Audience reviews

"This is by far the best thing I have EVER seen by Scottish Ballet! In fact it could be the best piece of dance theatre I have ever seen. The whole production was excellent. The storytelling was vivid and riveting, the direction was tight, the set and lighting design were evocative and imaginative. The choreography was brilliant and surprising - I loved the blend of styles and the luscious flowing movements.
The dancers were all fantastic. Their acting was wonderful and they looked good, whatever style of dance they were performing. This production is of truly international standard. It will do down a storm wherever it is performed."

"Been to lots of @scottishballet performances and A Streetcar Named Desire was by far the best. Stunning. See it."
"#StreetcarNamedDesire @scottishballet fantastic performance tonight! Wow was blown away. Well done!"

"@scottishballet Thanks for my favourite ballet ever. Mesmerising, disturbing & sexy as hell. Wee tear at the end. Ok, big tear. #streetcar"

"@scottishballet 's new production A Streetcar Named Desire was devestatingly beautiful. Loved every minute"

"Excellent performance yet again by @scottishballet .. Very emotional, had a wee tear in my eye at the end.."

"A Streetcar Named Desire was AMAZING!! Best yet! Thanks @scottishballet"

"One of the most powerful performances I've ever seen from @scottishballet - don't miss it! #AStreetcarNamedDesire #scottishballet #Streetcar"

"Blown away by @scottishballet's A Streetcar Named Desire. Beautifully designed, astonishingly written. Two thumbs up."

"@scottishballet A Streetcar Named Desire tonight was magnificent! Staging v clever & Eve Mutso acted her part to the tips of her fingers."

"@scottishballet Tama Barry was a great Brando, sorry Stanley. Could not take my eyes off him. Great casting!"

"@scottishballet A Streetcar Named Desire is breathtaking. Absolutely world class. LOVED it."

"@scottishballet A Streetcar Named Desireis best Scottish ballet production I've seen - and that's saying something! Utterly mesmerising!"

"You must must all catch @scottishballet A Streetcar Named Desire if you can, utterly amazing night out!"

"A Streetcar Named Desire is definitely the best @scottishballet I've seen. Clever, gritty, beautiful..."

"A Streetcar Named Desire was wonderful tonight @scottishballet I am blown away and so proud that you are a Scottish!"

"Overwhelmed by @scottishballet production of A Streetcar Named Desire. Utterly magnificent."

"Oooh, my, but @ScottishBallet 's new show A Streetcar Named Desire is worth going to see... more than once, if you can. Stunning stuff."

"A Streetcar Named Desire @ScottishBallet is all frothy clouds of chiffon & dirty, gravelly sax. Strong story & evocative lighting. Wonderful."


"Just home from Scottish Ballet's Streetcar Named Desire. Sensational! Dancers fantastic, and what a way to tell the story. well done!"

"Ooh! Hot and steamy after a night out at Scottish Ballet. A streetcar named desire is hot hot hot. And seriously good."

"Scottish Ballet's A Streetcar Named Desire. The vest show in town. Transfixing."

"Fantastic show last night, very powerful - Tama was just brilliant as Stanley."

"A Streetcar Named Desire last night was excellent; powerful story-telling through dance and music. Love this new (theatrical) direction for ballet... more please!"

"Scottish Ballet's brand new production opened last night- a magical interpretation of Tennessee Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire and trust us it is AMAZING!"

"Given my love for this play and Williams’ work generally, my expectations were high, but, truthfully, it was the best piece of theatre (never mind dance) that I have ever seen, and I don’t know how anything could ever possibly top it. The choreography incorporated so many elements of the original piece and the direction interpreted Williams’ work (as I understood it at least) incredibly well. Sexy, emotive and desperately sad in parts. Wonderful."

"@scottishballet A Streetcar Named Desire is so worth seeing. Turned my fave play into the best piece of dance theatre i've ever seen! Wow."

"@scottishballet #Streetcar was the BEST ballet I've ever seen. So powerful. Hairs on back of neck still standing. Thank you so much."

"I exhort you. Go & see @ScottishBallet's A Streetcar Named Desire@FCTTedinburgh. Could have watched them dance all night. Remarkable."

"Still feel like I'm holding my breath from last night's @scottishballet A Streetcar Named Desire. Just brilliant."

"Saw @scottishballet 's A Streetcar Named Desire last night & it was absolutely incredible. Can't recommend it enough. Music amazing!"

"@scottishballet 's A Streetcar Named Desire was absolutely beautiful. They realised Blanche's madness in ways I'd never considered. Top!""@scottishballet A Streetcar Named Desire- see this if you can. Great story, amazing dancers & music was damn near perfect. Stelllla!"

"@scottishballet A Streetcar Named Desire tonight was the first time I'd ever been to the ballet, or even seen one, and I was blown away. Incredible stuff."

"I implore you to see @scottishballet 's A Streetcar Named Desire. Finest dance production I have seen in ages."

"If you get the chance to see @scottishballet's production of A Streetcar Named Desire, PLEASE go. It's sensational. @FCTTedinburgh"

"OH. MY. WORD. Tonight at Sadler's Wells was really quite incredible. One of the most exciting, emotional and wonderful ballet's - and I am speaking on behalf of 4 very very happy ladies! BRAVO BRAVO!"

"A Streetcar Named Desire was beyond perfect. Beautiful dancing by beautiful dancers. The whole cast were perfect but Tama Barry really stood out for me, I think Brando himself would have approved!"

"Scottish Ballet's A Streetcar Named Desire - one of the most mesmerising , breathtaking pieces of dance theatre I've ever seen."

"@scottishballet #streetcar. Wow! If there were Oscars for Ballet, this one would sweep the boards! A new modern classic is born."

"@scottishballet Truly wonderful. Williams' would assuredly have loved it. And what a score. Blown away, I am."

"A Streetcar Named Desire @Sadlers_Wells was simply stunning. I truly never knew dance could make me feel like that. Bravo @scottishballet"

"I feel utterly uplifted by the sheer brilliance of A Streetcar Named Desire by @scottishballet - a well-deserved smash hit!"

"Full of love for @scottishballet's #SBStreetcar - seeing it once just isn't enough!"

"A Streetcar Named Desire by @scottishballet at @Sadlers_Wells is perhaps one of the most stunning pieces of dance I've seen in 20 years."

"A Streetcar Named Desire, just incredible, like watching a film, musical, play and ballet all at once! @scottishballet @Sadlers_Wells"

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